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  2, the working principle of lead-acid batteries

  In this case,

  (PbO2) and the cathode (Pb) of the lead acid battery are immersed in the electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid), and the electric power between the two poles will be 2V. According to the principle of lead-acid battery, the cathode and the electrolyte The following changes occur:

  (Anode) (electrolyte) (cathode)

  PbO2 + 2H2SO4 + Pb ---> PbSO4 + 2H2O + PbSO4 (discharge reaction)

  (Lead peroxide) (sulfuric acid) (spongy lead)

  (Anode) (electrolyte) (cathode)

  PbSO4 + 2H2O + PbSO4 ---> PbO2 + 2H2SO4 + Pb (charge reaction)

  (Lead Sulfate) (Water) (Lead Sulfate)

  3, the main technical characteristics of lead-acid batteries

  3.1 battery with tight assembly, effectively prevent the active material off. Extend the battery life.

  3.2 high efficiency of gas internal recombination, sealing reaction efficiency up to 98%. Water loss is minimal. No electrolyte or ionic water is added throughout the life.

  3.3 grid with a special lead-calcium high-tin alloy, more corrosion-resistant, good charge acceptance. Self-discharge small. So that the battery storage performance and better performance.

  3.4 The use of safe and reliable exhaust valve. Use more secure, reliable. To avoid the explosion caused by spark hazards.

  3.5 scientific structure of ribs, greatly reducing the internal resistance of the battery. So that the current distribution more uniform. Discharge performance is better.

  3.6 The use of multi-layer labyrinth sealing technology to ensure that the battery without exudate. No drum belly swelling phenomenon.

  3.7 The use of accurate with the group and control, so that the battery and the battery, the battery pole group and the consistency between groups is even more superior performance.

  3.8 special electrolyte additives to prevent lead dendrite short circuit and storage passivation.

  3.9 The use of special internal resistance, voltage and battery capacity with group equipment, battery pack excellent balance, open circuit voltage difference ≤ 20mV.

  In this case,

  4, the advantages of lead-acid batteries

  ★ charge and discharge performance

  The depth of discharge after the rechargeable strong, continuous discharge in the constant resistance 21 days, the battery capacity recovery rate ≥ 99%.

  ★ long service life

  Japan's use of advanced technology formula and process design, good service life.

  ★ safe, reliable performance

  Special structure of the electro-hydraulic method, fluorine ceramic rubber exhaust valve, quantitative and effective filling acid, and high sealing performance. So that no leakage of liquid battery situation exists. Green pollution-free, safe to use worry-free.

  ★ good environmental adaptability, high temperature resistance ability

  Adapt to -30 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ environment, in addition to anti-buckle, the installation can be used in any direction, without space constraints.

  In this case,

  5, product technical characteristics

  5.1 Product performance standards

  IEC 60896-21: 2004, "Fixed-type lead-acid battery valve-controlled test method"

  IEC 60896-22 2004 "Fixed-type lead-acid battery valve control requirements"

  GB / T 19638.1-2014 "fixed-type valve-regulated lead-acid battery technical conditions"

  YD / T 799-2010 "VRLA battery for communication"

  5.2 Operation control technical parameters (single battery)

  Maximum charge current: 0.25C10

  Discharge termination voltage: 10.80V

  Floating charge voltage: 13.35V ~ 13.80V (charging temperature compensation coefficient: ± 0.18mV / ℃)

  Constant charging voltage: 13.80V ~ 14.40V (charging temperature compensation coefficient: ± 0.24mV / ℃).

  In this case,

  In this case,

  In this case,

  In this case,

  6, performance and technical indicators

  6.1 The battery can be used in the environment of -30 ℃ ~ 55 ℃, humidity less than 95%, altitude less than 3000 meters, 25 ℃ environment, the float life of more than 8 years.

  6.2 The battery is tested according to the standard, 80% of the discharge depth ≥ 600 times.

  6.3 Accordance with the standard battery test, sealing reaction efficiency ≥ 96%.

  6.4 battery according to the standard test, the monthly self-discharge rate of ≤ 3%.

  6.5 The opening pressure of the battery is 10 ~ 35Kpa, the closing valve pressure is 5 ~ 30Kpa.

  6.6 The actual internal resistance of the battery and the standard deviation of the battery within the range of -10% to 10%.

  6.7 fully charged battery standing for 24 hours, the battery open circuit voltage difference ≤ 100mv.

  6.8 The battery in the 3I10A current standard test, the connection between the battery pressure drop ≤ 8mv.

  6.9 After the battery is fully charged for 90 days, its charge retention capacity is ≥90%.

  In this case,

  7, the scope of application of lead-acid batteries and environmental conditions

  7.1 Suitable for use in telecommunications, power and UPS, and energy storage systems.

  7.2 Temperature: -40 ~ +60 ℃ under normal conditions of use.

  7.3 Humidity: ≤ 95%.

  7.4 tolerance to earthquake capacity: the level of acceleration ≥ 0.3, vertical acceleration ≥ 0.15.

  7.5 Altitude: ≤3000m

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