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  Capability brand VRLA battery is manufactured by Huangshan Meida Electric Co., Ltd., which integrates high-performance and environment-friendly new energy battery products with the most advanced battery technology and process formula in Japan. The company strictly complies with ISO9001 international quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system standards for quality control, product performance to meet YD / T799-2002, YD / T1360-2005 and GB / T 19638.2-2005 standards, through the United States UL certification (certification number MH29791), the European Union CE certification No. G3M20308-1592-E-16) and the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry Thiel certification.

  First, product characteristics

  Safety and sealing: the use of a unique production process and a special structural design to ensure the safety of battery use and sealing.

  Maintenance-free: The unique gas recombination system can regenerate the produced gas into synthetic water and the adsorptive glass fiber separator without compensating for the electro-hydraulic in the life-span.

  Low self-discharge: the use of good corrosion resistance of the special lead-calcium alloy grid, the self-discharge control at a minimum, room temperature 25 ℃ stored within six months without additional power.

  Wide operating temperature range: the battery can be -10 ℃ -40 ℃ temperature range.

  Easy installation: according to the user's request to put up, lying down to install the way.

  Long-life design: the use of corrosion-resistant structure of the heavy lead-calcium alloy plate to ensure that the battery float life.

  Second, the scope of application

  Suitable for communication, telecommunications, power, IT networks, ships and other UPS, EPS power systems, solar photovoltaic wind energy storage system.

  Third, the technical parameters  

Specifications Model Nominal voltage (V)Rated Capacity (Ah)Overall dimension (mm)
Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
6-GFM-65 1265350165175
6-GFM-90 1290328173242
6-GFM-10012 100 408 172 236
6-GFM-12012 120 408 172 236
6-GFM-200 12 200 522 238 220
GFM-2002 200 108 176367
GFM-5002 500 244 176 367
GFM-8002 800 409 176 367
GFM-1000 2 1000  477 176 367

  Note: special specifications and sizes can be tailored.

  ★ ★ ★ ability to brand batteries won the "Anhui famous brand" title



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