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Kuneng brand valve regulated sealed battery is a high-performance and environment-friendly new energy battery product produced by Anhui aikeruid Technology Co., Ltd. integrating advanced battery technology and process formula from Germany and Japan. The company carries out quality control in strict accordance with ISO9001 international quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system standards, and the product performance meets YD / t799-2010 According to the requirements of national industrial standards such as YD / t1360-2005 and GB / T 19638.1-2014, the products have passed China Tel certification and EU CE certification.

1、 Product features

Safety and sealing: unique production technology and special structural design are adopted to ensure the safety and sealing of the battery.

Maintenance free: the unique gas reconstitution system can reconstitute the generated gas into water. The adsorption glass fiber diaphragm does not need to compensate the electro-hydraulic pressure within the service life.

Low self discharge: the grid made of special lead calcium alloy with good corrosion resistance is used to minimize the self discharge. It can be stored at room temperature of 25 ℃, and there is no need to supplement electricity within half a year.

Wide temperature range: the battery can be used in the temperature range of - 40 ℃ - 60 ℃.

Convenient installation: it can be installed vertically and horizontally according to the user's requirements.

Long life design: heavy lead calcium alloy plate with corrosion-resistant structure is adopted to ensure the floating charge life of the battery.

2、 Scope of application

It is suitable for the use of UPS, EPS power supply system and energy storage system in communication, telecommunications, electric power, it network, ships, radio and television, etc.

3、 Technical parameters


  MHF12-17  (6-GFM-17)

MHF12-24  (6-GFM-24)3175166126126
MHF12-38  (6-GFM-38)197165170175
MHF12-65  (6-GFM-65)350166175175
MHF12-100  (6-GFM-100)328172213215
MHF12-120  (6-GFM-120)407173210236
MHF12-150  (6-GFM-150)480170239239
MHF12-200  (6-GFM-200)522239220226
MHF12-250  (6-GFM-250)520268220226
MF12-17  (6-GFM-17)118177170170
MF12-24  (6-GFM-24)3175166126126
MF12-38  (6-GFM-38)197165170175
MF12-65  (6-GFM-65)350166175175
MF12-100  (6-GFM-100)407173210236
MF12-120  (6-GFM-120)407173210236
MF12-150  (6-GFM-150)480170239239
MF12-200  (6-GFM-200)522239220226
MF12-250  (6-GFM-250)520268220226
MF2-100  (GFM-100)517480223236
MF2-150  (GFM-150)170100206215
MF2-200  (GFM-200)176156330365
MF2-300  (GFM-300)176156330365
MF2-400  (GFM-400)176211330365
MF2-500  (GFM-500)176243330365
MF2-800  (GFM-800)176411330339
MF2-1000  (GFM-1000)176479330339
MF2-1500  (GFM-1500)404355343350
MF2-2000  (GFM-2000)492352341349
MF2-2500  (GFM-2500)492352341350
MFJ12-24  (6-GFM-24)5175166125125
MFJ12-38  (6-GFM-38)197165170175
MFJ12-65  (6-GFM-65)350166175175
MFJ12-100  (6-GFM-100)407173210236
MFJ12-120  (6-GFM-120)407173210236
MFJ12-150  (6-GFM-150)483170239239
MFJ12-200  (6-GFM-200)522239220226

備注: 特殊規格和尺寸都可以量身定做。

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