„Not saying more than one wants to say is very difficult.“ (Elias Canetti)

“It was wonderful. Want to come back!”
Roger Willemsen, author

“My place of rest between events.”
Norbert Blüm, former Minister of Labour

“At Palmenhof I feel as if I were on an island of tranquility right in the middle of the hectic hubbub of Frankfurt. Always cared for by the charmingly attentive staff of the hotel.“
Hans Korte, actor “Der große Bellheim”/“König von St. Pauli”

“Absolutely excellent address. Ultimately, all of the big hotels look the same. What a surprise to see that things can be different.“
Hugo Strasser, composer & bandleader

“We were given a very warm welcome at your wonderful hotel; we spent two fantastic days in Frankfurt that we are very grateful for – we are leaving … until next time.
We wish you all the best & great success in future.”

Angelika & Robert Atzorn, German actor

“Thank you very much for extending such a warm and personal welcome! I enjoyed the peace and quiet here very much and will gladly come again!“
Irm Hermann, German actress

“What a pleasant ambiance. Thank for your attentive hospitality.”
Marianne Sägebrecht, German actress

“Palmenhof is a genuine bit of the real Frankfurt. A great spot with wonderful hospitality that cannot be found everywhere.
Thanks very much!
Robert Treutel alias Bodo Bach, German radio host and comedian

“Nobody told me how agreable it is here … Now I know – and I’ll be back – if I may.
So - being seeing you! And thanks.
Peter Striebeck, German actor

“Multifaceted, fascinating Frankfurt is always good for surprises!
For example, in the “Hier und Heute” publication: the little jewel that is “Hotel Palmenhof”.
A stately and stylish alternative to the chains that radiate facelessness thousandfold.
An oasis of peace and good taste,
a contribution towards slowing down the hectic pace of our world, which devotes less and less thought to the “whys and wherefores” of development that is picking up more and more speed.
“Thank you!” for the valuable hours of relaxation I spent at your hotel, where I will gladly return.
Lothar Quanz , First Vice-President of the State Parliament of Hesse

“Thank you!
Thank you for the quiet, for the peace, for hours of relaxation amidst our loud, hectic, very unpeaceful times!
Thank for the very rare moments that I enjoyed here at your hotel.”

Claudia Roth, politician

“It was great. I want to come back!"
Roger Willemsen, author

“Thank you very much for your hospitality and excellent service; the atmosphere was great."
Valerie Scherbarova/Ronny Mahzahn

“Finding such a beautiful room at short notice during the Book Fair –
what a stroke of luck! Thank you."

Elke Heidenreich, author, literary critic

“Thank you so much for a pleasant stay.”
Gregor Gysi, politician

“I enjoy staying at the friendly Palmenhotel very much – thanks.”
Charles Brauer, German actor

“Wonderland is everywhere, life is everywhere;
in my auntie’s easy chair, here and there and everywhere……..”

Otto Sander, German actor

“No hotel is closer to literature than the Palmenhof – right across from the Literaturhaus, Frankfurt’s house of literature.
That is why the Palmenhof is an ideal place for a literary critic to stay. Thank you for the superlative service - until next time,"

Sigrid Löffler, publicist & literary critic

“I have enjoyed staying at the Palmenhof  for over 40 years. Not one bit of its personal atmosphere has been lost – even in the 3rd generation.
A beautiful hotel – great service – relaxation from stress. In gratitude"

Olli Leeb, cookbook publisher

“Thanks for a pleasant overnight stay, good service and friendly staff."
Jean Pütz, science journalist

„J’ai aimé, vraiment, tout ce qu’il y a été donné de vivre pendant quelques jours dans votre hotel, à l’invitation des Editeurs Suhrkamp et au moment où j’ai aussi eu la chance d’une discussion qui comptera beaucoup pour moi avec Jürgen Habermas et d’autres philosophes allemands.
Avec mes a veux et ma reconnaissance,"

Jean Amery, French author

“Loved my stay – all that white marble!
Joe Muranyi Who?"

Joe Muranyi, American jazz musician

“We enjoyed our stay, and we hope to come back.”
Ahoron and Elika Barack

“Thank you very much for the pleasant stay and the agreable atmosphere!”
A. Radke,

“The sun in my face. The wind at my back. Thanks for your hospitality.”
Lenn Kudrjawizki, German actor

“Dear Palmenhof. A pleasure to meet you at last! Good coffee!! Hope for many more visits”
Ingrid & Rod Mason, British jazz musician

“Another stay at the Palmenhof. Still the same familiar hospitality, the same friendliness and perfect service. My wife and I both thank you very much.
Until next time.”

Anna Korte and Barbara Rath-Korte, German actress